Indicative Data Science Lab

Data from the absence of data

In the era of big data, open data, social media, and crowdsourced data, we are quite literally swimming in a sea of data. Data is abundant. Clean data is rare. Most datasets have gaps and issues with quality, uncertainty and bias.

At the Indicative Data Science Lab, we embrace these "faults" and search for hidden meanings.

Indicative data science is a set of tools, techniques and the mindset that considers gaps, unavailability, and the uncertainty of data as a valuable source of data.

About The Indicative Data Science Lab

The Indicative Data Science Lab is a part of the University College London and boasts strong relationships with world-leading academic and industrial partners, including Ordnance Survey, Uber, and the Alan Turing Institute.

We are a growing team of researchers and are always on the look out for people with bold and exciting ideas for join us.

Contact us if you're interested in learning more about the work we do.

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